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What is the Exam pattern of NDA

The Union Public Service Commission carries out the National Defence Academy examination twice annually. The main aim of this exam is to recruit candidates into the Army, Air Force and Naval Wings of the NDA. This defense academy is located in Pune. After the completion of the training period, the NDA provides the students with a graduate degree in Arts, Science or Computer Science. Candidates can provide their choices at the time of applying, but the final decision will on the basis of the merit list.
The basic criteria required for a person to join the NDA are that he should be unmarried. It is also not possible for him to marry during the period of training. The other medical and physical standards are alike the other UPSC exams. The NDA exam has two levels. The first level is the written test. Once a candidate passes this level, they will be called in to the second level. The second level is an interview that is carried out by the Services Selection Board. The overall marks a person will be judged will be out of 1800.
Syllabus for NDA Exam
The NDA written exam comprises of 2 papers. Both these papers will be of the objective type. Candidates will have the opportunity to choose the correct answer from a given set.
The first paper is Mathematics
This paper will consist of questions on fundamental mathematics. The questions will be basically on topics like Arithmetic’s, Geometry, various theorems, statistics, graphs and much more.
The second paper is General Ability Test
This is again divided into two parts. The first part is English and the second part is General Knowledge. This part is divided into 6. The topics included in this part are:
  • Chemistry
  • Current Events
  • General Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Physics
Question Pattern of NDA Exam
Each question will carry 4 marks each. The candidate will have to darken the correct oval with a pencil. Paper I will carry 300 Marks and Paper II will carry 600 marks (English – 200 marks and General Ability – 400 marks). This exam will have a time period of 2-1/2 hours each.
The 2nd paper of the NDA exam, which is the General Ability Test, will be broken into 6 parts. The allocated marks are:
  • Physics – This topic will carry 100 marks.
  • Chemistry – This topic will carry 60 marks.
  • General section – This topic will carry 40 marks.
  • History, Freedom Movement – This topic will carry 80 marks.
  • Geography – This topic will carry 80 marks.
  • Current Events – This topic will carry 40 marks.
For every incorrect answer, one third of the marks allotted will be deducted as penalty. If the candidates give more than one answer, this will also be considered as wrong answer.  So, it is better that the candidates leave the place for a response blank if they do not know the answer.

How can a girl become a pilot

How can a girl become a pilot

I believe you are referring to commercial pilot. A commercial pilot is a person who fly commercial planes. Generally these are passenger planes of airlines. In India there are various airlines like SpiceJet, Air India, GoAir, Jet Airways and Kingfisher.

To become pilot of these companies you will have to complete commerical pilot course which will give you commercial pilot licence. Only after obtaining that licence you can apply in these airlines.

Commercial pilot is a well paid job and comes with its own set of perks. Before you apply for the course please ensure that you do not have fear of heights and air sickness. In these conditions you can not become commercial pilot.

Your qualification is sufficient to apply for pilot course. 93 percent is more than enough for the course. Please check the eligibility first that are mentioned below.


Only candidates who have completed 10+2 with PCM can apply.

At least 50 percent marks are required in 12th.

The age limit is 18 to 28 years.


Student’s Pilot Licence

You will need to obtain Student's Licence which can be obtained after 10th. There is a written test on maths which incldues questions related to aircraft. You need 75 percent marks in this test to clear it which would give you Student’s Pilot Licence.

Private Pilot Licence

The real training will start after receiving Student's Licence. Now to obtain private licence you will be getting flying lessons. You will fly plane with flying instructor as well without his assistance. Once you have 40 hours of flying experience in instructor and 20 hours of solo, you can appear for some written exams that would get you Private Pilot Licence.

Commercial Pilot Licence

This will be the last stage. Once you get commercial licence, you can apply to various airlines. You will have to do the following to obtain commercial licence:

1. 250 hours of flying experience

2. Several written exams

3. medical test

If cleared all, you will have your Commercial Pilot Licence. After which apply for job in airline. At first you will be hired as trainee co-pilot but after 6 to 8 months you will become co-pilot,

Jobs after completing B.Tech in 5 years due to pending backlogs

Jobs after completing B.Tech in 5 years due to pending backlogs

PLZ don't get depressed by the fact that you made it in five years after all its your past .

With booming IT sector this won't stand as a wall in starting your career 
if you have good communication skill ,confidence and above all your basic concepts .

You can look for starting with some middle level companies and then switching to bigger corporates after gaining experience.

You have completed B.Tech in 5 years in stead of 4 years.
So there is no problem to get a job.
You have 1 year study gap here so you can apply for these companies





All the best........


List of Top colleges in Jharkhand

List of Top colleges in Jharkhand

  Jharkhand which is one of the newly formed states in North India has a lot of colleges and Universities offering numerous graduates, post graduate and also doctoral courses in several disciplines. Below given is the list of top colleges in Jharkhand offering variety of courses.
List of Top engineering colleges in Jharkhand
  • National Institute of Technology -NIT Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur
  • RVS College of Engineering & Technology, Jamshedpur
  • BA College of Engineering & Technology, Jamshedpur
  • Indian School of Mines University-ISM Dhanbad, Dhanbad
  • Birsa Institute of Technology, Dhanbad
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology (NIFFT), Ranchi
  • Alice Institute of Technology, Ranchi
List of Top Medical colleges in Jharkhand
  • Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Dumka
  • Rajendra Medical College and Hospital, Ranchi
  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital, Jamshedpur
  • Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad
List of Top Science colleges in Jharkhand
  • The Graduate School College for Women, East Singhbhum
  • Annada College, Hazaribag
  • Yodh Singh Namdhari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Palamu
  • Doranda College, Ranchi
  • Giridih College, Giridih
  • Jamshedpur Workers College, East Singhbhum
  • Karim City College, East Singhbhum
  • Kartik Oraon College, Gumla
  • Marwari College-Ranchi, Ranchi
  • Raja Shiva Prasad College, Dhanbad
  • Ranchi Womens College, Ranchi
  • St. Xaviers College-Ranchi, Ranchi
List of Top Arts colleges in Jharkhand
  • Karim City College, Jamshedpur
  • Gossner College, Ranchi
  • St. Xavier’s College – Ranchi, Ranchi
  • P.K. Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad
  • Marwari College-Ranchi, Ranchi
  • Nirmala College, Ranchi
  • Raja Shiva Prasad College, Dhanbad
  • Ranchi College, Ranchi
  • Ranchi Womens College, Ranchi
  • Annada College, Hazaribag
  • The Graduate School College for Women, East Singhbhum
  • Kartik Oraon College, Gumla

List of Top Management colleges in Jharkhand

  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • Satyendra Narayan Sinha Institute of Business Management, Ranchi
  • Indian Institute of Science & Management, Ranchi
  • Indian School of Mines- ISM, Dhanbad
  • Xavier Labour Relations Institute-XLRI, Jamshedpur

List of Top Pharmacy colleges in Jharkhand

  • Ranchi College of Pharmacy, Ranchi
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • Indian Institute of Pharmacy, Jamshedpur

List of Top Law colleges in Jharkhand

  • SP Law College, Dumka
  • Chotanagpur Law College, Ranchi
  • Jharkhand Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Koderma
  • Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College, Jamshedpur
  • Imamul Hai Khan Law College, Bokaro
  • Law College Dhanbad, Dhanbad

List of Top colleges in Jharkhand

National Institute of Technology, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology, St. Xavier’s College, Indian Institute of Pharmacy, SP Law College etc are the top colleges in Jharkhand offering various courses in numerous disciplines. These colleges assure innovative teaching techniques along with modern infrastructural facilities.  Students who will pursue a degree from any of these institutions can get placed in reputed firms.